EA Sports Cricket 9 File Name with Email Address Download [2023]

What is EA Sports Cricket 9 File Name?

EA Sports Cricket 9 File Name is a Cricket simulation game developed by EA Sports label of the large American publisher Electronic Arts. The EA Sports Cricket 9 video game is the one millions of people passionate about cricket are most excited to play when it is released. Cricket is a sport that can sometimes become rather intense, which adds to the sport’s already high level of excitement and intrigue. Players will appreciate playing it on the cricket field as actual pros do, and EA Sports Cricket is here to offer you a taste of what it is like to play this exhilarating sport.

This game is ideal for spectators who want a feel for what it’s like to compete in one of these thrilling sports. Players have the opportunity to go head-to-head with one another in competitions. Your degree of enjoyment will more than treble due to this edition’s most notable feature: all of the player faces are rendered in high definition. At this stage in the game, every one of the participants gets their natural look and real name. These qualities are going to blow your head in a perfect way. The West Indies are another group that is taking part.

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Is EA Sports Cricket 9 mainly Used For?

A video game in the Sports genre is known as EA Sports Cricket 2009 (Mod). One of the most well-known and well-liked cricket simulation games available for Windows is EA SPORTS Cricket. It was first made available to the public in 2006, and since then, it has undergone several iterations of improvement. Working under the aegis of EA Games, HB Studios was the studio responsible for developing the game. This particular video game includes high-definition (HD) renditions of various elements, such as kits, logos, menus, stadiums, overlays, and faces.

The EA Sports game full version will keep you interested for hours because there are many tournaments, participants, and championships. When it comes to kicking the ball and where it ultimately ends up traveling, there is improved direction, which makes it much simpler to score. Mark Nicholas, one of the commentators, injects some lightheartedness into the action by making announcements about the players and what’s going on out on the field. Compared to the designs of players in previous cricket video games, this one has a higher production value.

EA Sports Cricket 9 provides new features or not?

This edition is packed with numerous brand-new features that have just recently been made available. You have complete control over which foot is utilized in the game, which is one of the many excellent characteristics of the sport.  Although the power and timing have improved much, there is still a noticeable latency when playing. There can be occasions when the lag affects how you play on the field. When the overall score is near, it may be annoying since it can lead you to lose possession of the ball and prevent you from scoring, especially when the score is tight.

Once you discover which key makes the players move on the field, you can become acclimated to the many other keys for making unique moves. The keyboard controls may sometimes be challenging to understand, but once you do, they are easy to use. You will discover that there are a few complex plays that you are capable of doing if you string together a sufficient number of different movements. The players have a natural appearance, and their actions are not robotic. The motions of the arms and the legs have a smooth and raw quality to them.

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What are the Key Features of EA Sports Cricket 9?

  • This new version adds various features, such as the Auckland replay mode, which replays the entire action of the segment the player chooses to watch, and field position editors, which allow the player to choose between automatic and manual fielding.
  • Melbourne, Cape Town, and Rich Benaud are comparable to radio or television broadcasts.
  • This game iteration provides access to a wide variety of gameplay options. The three primary modes may be Domestic, Exhibition, and International.
  • This video game has compositions by Solamingus and Supertweeker and music from the musicians Felix Laband, Joshu, and Thievery Corporation on its soundtrack.
  • The most recent version of the EA Sports Cricket 9 2021 Game Crack has new camera angles and more realistic appearing features, brand-name equipment, and features.
  • It is possible to form domestic teams and have them compete against one another if the player feels that home teams better suit their preferences.
  • In addition to it, there is a mode called Net Training.

What’s New?

  • Players can now choose which foot they operate and their direction, power, and shot timing.
  • The United Kingdom, India, and South Africa are examples of international regions.


  • Intense realism, such as equipment and movements
  • Amazing camera shots
  • Works with various Windows systems


  • Lag while playing
  • Keys can be confusing to use


Why has EA stopped cricket games?

As EA Sports ran into a legal deadlock with the BCCI and lost the licensing rights to the Indian players, their problems only got compounded. With a shrinking market and very few people interested in the sport, the cricket series was condemned to die out soon. It eventually began to cut both ways.

Why is FIFA leaving EA?

FIFA said in its statement, “FIFA is bullish and excited about the future in gaming and eSports for football, and it is clear that this needs to be a space that is occupied by more than one party controlling all rights.” This implies that FIFA wanted to work with other partners, but EA might not have been open.

Are EA Play games forever?

Members have unlimited access to the full versions of a selection of games published by EA, dubbed “the Vault,” for as long as their membership is active. The fun can no longer be played if membership is suspended, but all progress and game saves are retained.

System Requirements:

  • This program is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows and XP (64-bit).
  • It needs at least a 1.3 GHz CPU.
  • It is necessary to have a DVD ROM drive to install this program.
  • It is compatible with Direct X 12, as well.
  • A 512 MB video card is a must.
  • It needs a minimum of fifty gigabytes (GB) of space on the hard drive.
  • Install and play functionality should need an active Internet connection.

How To Install EA Sports Cricket 9?

The activation method for EA Sports Cricket 9 would typically involve entering a valid license key or activation code into the program to unlock its full functionality. If you have purchased the software, you should have received an activation code or key from the vendor.

To activate the software, you should have to:

  • Open EA Sports Cricket 9
  • Click on the “Activate” button.
  • Enter the activation key
  • Click on the “Activate” button again.

Alternatively, depending on the version of the software you are using, you may have to click on the “Help” or “Settings” button in the software and then select “Activate” or “Enter License Key” to enter the activation code.


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